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as you can see above, this is a contest! i want an MCR tattoo. i want the people of tumblr to design it for me! if someone can submit one that i like enough i will get it tattooed and post it on tumblr. (giving you full credit!)not just that! i will allow you to autograph your drawing and i will also get that tattoo under said drawing. as long as it does not take away from the original tattoo. it would be like any autograph under a piece of art. small and discrete.


  • you do not have to follow me!
  • i do not want any faces of actual band members
  • must somehow incorporate the black parade album
  • you may submit more than once
  • must be original!
  • submit all drawings to inv8rtak@aol.com


  • you will get your name and artwork tattooed on a real live person!
  • 1st place will also get an MCR shirt of their choosing from the official MCR website. (within a reasonable cost! im not rich! give me a break)
  • 2nd place will get a copy of The Umbrella Academy vol. 1.

feel free to message me with any questions.

winner will be chosen January 15th. this gives you time to draw and me time to pay for christmas gifts.

Please REBLOG so i know that people are actually interested in doing this.

please reblog if you think any of your followers will be interested!

please reblog to get the word out!

There are some wonderful artists in the fanbase - c’mon, give it a go! 

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